The benefits of semicoke

    2021-09-03 14:06:04

With the promotion of environmental protection policies, orchid charcoal has been in civil, smelting, chemical and other industries to replace coal, and the effect is very good. Someone will ask: orchid charcoal actual effect really has so good?
In order to demonstrate the real strength of orchid carbon, some pilot results in Hebei, Shandong and other places have proved that the effect of orchid carbon energy saving and emission reduction is very obvious. This also laid a foundation for the large-scale promotion of orchid charcoal. And for blue carbon, China has also issued relevant policies to classify blue carbon as clean coal, in this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection launched the "High Pollution Fuel Catalogue" has also made a good indication for the promotion of blue carbon.
Orchid carbon is divided into small material, medium material, aniseed, coke surface three products, mostly used in chemical industry, smelting and other industries, orchid carbon calorific value is high, can meet the production needs, and low sulfur means that the environmental protection of orchid carbon is good, so in line with national standards. Compared with anthracite with the same high calorific value and good environmental protection, orchid charcoal burns more fully, and the cost is only 1/2 of anthracite.
According to analysis, the pollutants emitted by burning coal are one of the main causes of haze and other environmental pollution. Coal contains a mineral sulfur, which is discharged, will produce a sulfur pollution, which not only pollures the environment, but also is harmful to human body. In order to improve the environmental pollution of these places where coal is needed, the state and the government issue a ban on the use of loose coal, raw coal and other polluting coal, switch to clean briquette coal and lanchar documents, at present, most areas throughout the country have begun to use anthracite, coke and other clean briquette coal and lanchar such a new clean energy.