Fuel properties of Semicoke

Although the calorific value of Shenmu semicoke is lower than that of Shenmu raw coal, the overall calorific val

Production technology of orchid carbon

The production of orchid carbon is mainly based on low temperature retorting (that is, the process of coal pyrol

Comparative study on pollutant emission of semi-coke and different coals

Abstract : In this work, The contents of ash, volatile matter, fixed carbon, sulfur their forms, calorific value

The incident has put a spotlight on fossil fuels

The tensions in Ukraine have prompted many countries to turn back to fossil fuels that they had previously shunn

Smelting application of semicoke

Smelting: steel sintering, blowing, iron, silicon manganese alloy, casting - smelting steel slag, lime Blue charcoal

Problems and suggestions on the development of semicoke industry

Semicoke industry after nearly 40 years development, now has formed a relatively complete industrial system, and d

Semicoke with Internet +

Orchid charcoal, also known as semi-coke, is a solid by-product in the process of coal gas and coal tar, the y

Application of blue semicoke in ironmaking system

On May 27th, the webinar on the application of Lantan in the field of iron and steel (metallurgy) was held in

The emergence of orchid charcoal

The utilization of coal in China began in 1080 AD, but coal did not become the main energy source for developm

300 billion yuan for clean and efficient utilization of coal

On May 4, the People& 39;s Bank of China announced an increase of 100 billion yuan in a special reloan line to