Smelting application of semicoke

Smelting: steel sintering, blowing, iron, silicon manganese alloy, casting - smelting steel slag, lime Blue charcoal

Problems and suggestions on the development of semicoke industry

Semicoke industry after nearly 40 years development, now has formed a relatively complete industrial system, and d

Semicoke with Internet +

Orchid charcoal, also known as semi-coke, is a solid by-product in the process of coal gas and coal tar, the y

Application of blue semicoke in ironmaking system

On May 27th, the webinar on the application of Lantan in the field of iron and steel (metallurgy) was held in

The emergence of orchid charcoal

The utilization of coal in China began in 1080 AD, but coal did not become the main energy source for developm

300 billion yuan for clean and efficient utilization of coal

On May 4, the People& 39;s Bank of China announced an increase of 100 billion yuan in a special reloan line to

Utilization of semicoke tail gas

In 2020, the total output of blue carbon exhaust gas in China was about 45 billion cubic meters, of which coal

What is the consumption market of orchid charcoal?

1 Application of calcium carbide and ferroalloy in traditional market In 2019, China produced about 32 million

The idea of high quality development of orchid charcoal industry

In the future, the main direction of the development of the carbon industry will be the park production, large-s

Application of semicoke charcoal powder in barbecue charcoal industry

Semicoke powder is blue carbon in the production, transportation, storage and other processes of the particle size