Quality standards

    2021-06-24 22:07:46

In September 26, 2010 the issued national standard GB/T25212-2010 "Semi-coke product varieties and classification", the main content includes: (1) semi-coke product specifications and classification; (2) semi-coke product quality grade division. The standard will be semi-coke products according to its particle size, use and technical requirements are divided into 3 categories, a total of 6 varieties. In September 26, 2010, there issued "technical conditions of semi-coke products", the standard stipulates the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, transportation and storage of semi-coke of different use. These include:  technical requirement and test method of semi-coke used for ferroalloy smelting as reducing agent, technical requirements and test methods of semi-coke used for blast furnace injection; technical requirement and test method of semi-coke used as industrial and civilian fuel.