Application of semi-coke

    2021-06-24 22:08:36

1、Application of semi-coke in the field of ferroalloys
In 2011, China's ferroalloy output was 28.416 million tons. There are many varieties of ferroalloy like ferrosilicon, ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium, ferromanganese, ferro chromium, ferrotungsten, silicon manganese alloy and dozens of varieties. Each type has many series. Semi-coke has been widely used in ferrosilicon production. Smelting 1T ferrosilicon requires about 1T of carbon, which uses about 500kg of coke for ferroalloys", the carbon content of blue carbon, harmful impurities content, particle size and other physical and chemical properties have specific requirements. China produces about 4 million t of ferrosilicon every year, according to each ton of ferrosilicon with 500kg of blue carbon calculation, every year to use about 2 million t of blue carbon.
2、Semi-coke application in PVC industry
The annual output of polyvinyl chloride by calcium carbide method in China is more than 10 million tons, ranking first in the world. 1.5t of calcium carbide is consumed for each 1t of calcium carbide PVC production. It takes 0.7t of semi-coke to produce 1t of calcium carbide. In 2011, calcium carbide polyvinyl chloride production consumed about 10.5 million tons of semi-coke.
3、Semi-coke application in blast furnace iron smelting
In 2011, China's key iron and steel enterprises produced 559.59 million tons of iron, with blast furnace coal injection ratio is 148kg/t, coke ratio is 374kg/t. According to the calculation, the key iron and steel enterprises consume 82.819 million tons of pulverized coal and 209.2866 million tons of coke. Orchid charcoal can replace part of coke and pulverized coal for ironmaking, which has great potential.