Application conditions of semi-coke in iron smelting system

    2021-06-24 22:10:15

Semi-coke price should be moderate, and its transportation problem should be solved. Only when the semi-coke price is significantly lower than that of coke, can it have a competitive advantage and it will promote the enthusiasm of using semi-coke in blast furnace. At present, the profit of iron smelting enterprises is low, so it is necessary to establish a win-win mechanism between iron smelting plants and semi-coke enterprises to survive and develop together. There are no trains in the Shenmu area, causing semi-coke transportation difficulties, and transportation costs rise. It is suggested that the work should be carried out in the ironworks near Shenmu area. In addition, semi-coke enterprises in Shenmu area should establish industrial concentration, can ensure the supply and quality of orchid carbon.