semicoke in the middle carbon material

PRODUCT  fixed carbon ash content volatile matter sulphur  phosphorus moisture particle size packaging
中料 84 9 7 0.3 0.005 15 18-35 吨袋
A. Product specification attributes
Advantages of blue charcoal in the production of deoxidizer in ferroalloy smelting
• High fixed carbon
Low ash content,
Low phosphorus,
• low sulphur
• High specific resistance
• High chemical activity
• High electrical conductivity, lower electrical power
• Reduce pollution
Advantage of blue carbon in deoxidizer production compared with metallurgical coke in ferroalloy smelting
(1) Blue carbon can significantly improve the quality of ferroalloy (especially low aluminum alloy Al2O3≤0.1%).
(2) Orchid charcoal can significantly reduce unit power consumption (almost save more than 1000 kWh, that is 8-10%)
(3) orchid charcoal can reduce the cost of raw materials.