Why does orchid charcoal crackle during use?

    2021-06-24 22:36:12

A lot of people will ask what is semi-coke, semi-coke is a niche product, is it the same as coal?
semi-coke is a kind of diversified products, plays an important role in a number of application fields, for the development of our economy can be said to have made great contributions.
semi-coke is the folk appellation of coke in the past. Real blue carbon refers to the use of high quality Jurassic clean coal block produced in Shenfu Coalfield, as a new type of carbon material, become an irreplaceable carbon material. semi-coke can replace coke (metallurgical coke) and widely used in chemical industry, smelting, gas and other industries.
The advantages of semi-coke
The application of blue charcoal in the continuous expansion, blue charcoal in improving the quality of downstream products, energy saving, reduce production costs, increase output and other aspects, has a high application value, at the same time blue charcoal in blast furnace injection, production of carbonized material, activated carbon and civil and boiler fuel and other fields also have the development potential.
So why does it crackle during use?
First of all, there is a crackling of blue charcoal in the combustion process is a normal phenomenon, blue charcoal in the process of high temperature extraction of gas and coal tar, with cold water to cool down, high temperature blue charcoal in cold water after it is easy to lock part of the water vapor in the gap in the blue carbon. When blue charcoal is added to the furnace and meets high temperature, water vapor preheating and expansion will cause the coal seam on the surface of blue charcoal to burst, resulting in explosion.
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