Shenmu City semi-coke industry association held the third quarter orchid charcoal industry scheduling meeting 9.20

    2021-09-22 10:09:46

Meeting minutes  

On the afternoon of September 20, 2021, Shenmu semicoke Industry Association held the third quarter semicoke industry scheduling meeting in the conference room of LAN Charcoal Industry Office.  Jia Jianjun, director of the Industrial Office, and Liu Zhaohui, Secretary of the Association attended the meeting, and ren Peiqian, secretary General of the Association presided over the meeting. The minutes of the meeting are as follows:  



1. All enterprises firmly cooperate with the government and unconditionally implement the energy consumption double control and production limit policy issued by yulin City government and the sales suspension policy issued by Shenmu City government.  

2. During the period of production limit and sales limit, the enterprise should strengthen safety and environmental protection management, do a good job in maintaining the stability of the staff, and the main leaders should strengthen the duty on duty, develop feasible equipment safety measures under the conditions of low load operation, to ensure that no safety and environmental protection accidents occur.  

3, production limit period is bound to have a greater impact on the existing downstream market, many years of cultivation of orchid carbon market may be replaced by other energy, will cause irreparable consequences to the orchid carbon industry.  Enterprises should actively contact customers, communicate and explain the situation, and strive to minimize losses and maintain good customer relations as far as possible.  

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4, the recent enterprises to reduce raw coal procurement, due to the late production capacity release time and proportion is not clear, high coal storage, huge risk, try to avoid the formation of inventory losses.  Enterprises should take the opportunity to actively clear accounts receivable, the late industry will be notified of the arrears of customers, and take measures to stop delivery, completely reverse the marketing model of goods before money.  

5. The Association will actively communicate and negotiate with the relevant government departments to try to sell the products in accordance with the production limit proportion, stabilize the market supply and reduce the losses of related enterprises.  

6. The Association will cooperate with the Industrial Office to actively carry out energy consumption statistical management training and improve the energy consumption management level of enterprises.  And positively reflect the industry energy consumption management problems, for industrial development to seek more opportunities.  








Shenmu City semicoke industry Association  


September 20, 2021