Shenmu city set up 19 epidemic prevention and control checkpoints 24 hours a day to check other provinces need nucleic acid certificates

    2021-10-26 14:30:26

In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, according to the general requirements of Shenmu Joint Prevention and control Office, Shenmu city set up 19 epidemic prevention and control checkpoints at highway junctions, national highways and provincial highways on October 26, and assigned full-time staff from the public security Bureau, health planning Bureau, transportation Bureau and towns and streets to be on 24-hour duty.  To enter shenmu city vehicles, personnel to do "every car will be checked, every person will be checked", to build a solid defense of the epidemic.  



On doing a good job in coal transportation  

Urgent notification of prevention and control work  

I. All coal mining enterprises should immediately activate the response mechanism for epidemic prevention and control, and strictly strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work within their own units and in coal transportation enterprises (including individual traders), especially among transportation personnel.  

2. All coal mining enterprises should immediately inform all coal transport enterprises that from now on, drivers who have been to epidemic areas are not allowed to be sent to Carry coal in The Banner, and those who have been sent to carry coal in the Banner must hold a negative nucleic acid test report for 48 hours and a green travel code and a health code issued by the health department.  

Three, the coal mining enterprises shall strictly require the coal transport enterprises to issue commitments, and ensure the authenticity of the two codes and one report provided, and never allow the impostor problem, otherwise, the relevant provisions will be investigated for legal responsibility.  At the same time, all drivers are required to prepare their own food and epidemic protection materials (masks, disinfection supplies, etc.). They are not allowed to stay or gather in the car without special circumstances, and remain seated in the car.  

Iv. All coal mines shall establish and improve the emergency on-duty system for epidemic prevention and control, and ensure that a person in charge is on duty at the entrance of the coal mine 24 hours a day.  Shenmu city coal mine vehicles into the mine is also required to carry 48 hours of negative nucleic acid test report.  



Due to the epidemic prevention work and the recent increase in oil and gasoline prices, the freight from Shenmu City to Tianjin has also increased accordingly. Last week, the quotation was 300 yuan. Since the epidemic prevention and control began, the price of the fleet has increased to 50-70 yuan per ton.