Where is semicoke/orchid charcoal used?

    2021-11-12 13:28:05

Semicoke is still mainly used in industry, civil just started, but the day is getting better and better in the past. Since it is much more expensive than ordinary raw coal, it is difficult for ordinary people to give up raw coal and use it without government incentives and subsidies (clean coal subsidies). In addition, the influence of policies, such as the conversion of coal to electricity in the suburbs of Beijing, also blocked the way for people in the capital to use orchid charcoal, no matter how clean orchid charcoal can not be used.
However, in the civil market outside Beijing, such as Tianji and Shandong province, orchid charcoal has been used for winter heating, which is related to the local subsidy policy, using orchid charcoal subsidy of more than 500 yuan per ton, briquette subsidy of 200 yuan.
As the Ministry of Environmental Protection of The People's Republic of China officially issued the Technical Guide for Comprehensive Control of Civil Coal Combustion Pollution (Trial) (October 22, 2016), marking that the remarkable effect of carbon dioxide replacing coal to control air pollution has been recognized and supported by the national level, and the market prospect of carbon dioxide is good.
Coke products in general sense are used in metallurgical industry such as blast furnace ironmaking and casting, but due to relatively poor strength and crushing resistance, orchid carbon can not be used in blast furnace production. But in ferroalloy, calcium carbide, chemical fertilizer, chemical industry raw materials and auxiliary materials and other industries, at present, calcium carbide, ferroalloy manufacturers are still the main buyers.
Semicoke can completely replace the general coke, sometimes known as "metallurgical coke". And the quality is better than the national metallurgical coke, cast coke and a number of ferroalloy special coke standards, so LAN carbon in improving the downstream product quality grade, energy saving, reduce production costs, increase output, etc., has a higher application value; At the same time, orchid carbon has development potential in blast furnace injection, production of carbonized materials, active carbon fields. Blue carbon has a wide range of applications, especially in the carbon reducing agent has unique properties, economic advantages are very obvious.
In addition, the application of semicoke in reducing agent, adsorption material, blast furnace injection and other fields is also expanding. "As an environmentally friendly fuel, semicole is superior to bituminous coal and anthracite in all indicators. The waste residue, waste gas and waste water produced in the process of low temperature retorting have been recycled by local enterprises, which has great market potential. At present, the coal industry has realized the efficient transformation of coal energy to solid, liquid and gaseous energy." .