Combustion characteristics of Semicoke

    2021-12-21 16:27:54

What is the combustion characteristics of Semicoke?
 The influence of pyrolysis on the reactivity of coal char gasification can be mainly attributed to two reasons: different pyrolysis conditions make the porosity of coal char different, the arrangement of carbon structure in coal char different, the number of active sites on the surface of coal char different;  Under different pyrolysis conditions, the sintering or melting of minerals in coal coke is different, which makes the catalysis of minerals to the reaction different
 Semi-coke is a kind of solid substance with coal, coke and other traditional combustion properties are very different, it contains a certain amount of heat, so it must be used reasonably.  However, it is difficult to use semi-coke because of its high ash content and high ignition point, which are not conducive to combustion.