Use semicoke need to pay attention to what, shenmu billion coal orchid charcoal tips good.

    2022-03-08 13:14:05

Use semicoke need to pay attention to what, shenmu billion coal orchid charcoal tips good.
1, orchid carbon storage should be rain prevention measures, to avoid wet rain.
2, stoves, prohibit installed inside a bedroom and a sitting room, stoves use room to maintain a certain amount of outdoor air, to prevent gas poisoning, funnel prohibit parallel out, keep it upright, prevent gas return air flow backward (burning charcoal stove with bedroom as far as possible, stoves explosion-proof valve ban modified)
3, in the process of using LAN charcoal, should be regular cleaning flue, Ensure the full combustion of orchid charcoal.
4, coal to one-time add enough, that is, in the late period of combustion coal, to prevent the furnace temperature is too low, put out the fire.
5, be sure to ensure the height and diameter of the chimney, chimney interface and chimney itself can not leak (chimney too low or too fine will lead to the normal combustion of the furnace, fire suppression, fire is not hot and so on).
6, when sealing the furnace, adjust the size of the air inlet on the ash door according to the situation, to prevent the occurrence of fire sealing, fire extinguishing, etc.
7. If the chimney hat is installed, the hat should be more than 50 cm away from the chimney mouth.

Occurrence of gas poisoning how to handle?
1. Quickly open the doors and Windows, move the patient to a ventilated place, and do a good job of cold protection and warmth for the patient.
2, immediately call 120 emergency number, one minute earlier into the high-pressure oxygen tank, more hope of survival.
3, loosen the clothes, belt, timely "mouth to mouth artificial respiration" and "chest heart extrusion massage",

clean heating, orchid charcoal is good, but still pay attention to the use of safety.