Semicoke will gradually be accepted and become important.

    2022-03-23 11:29:35

Semicoke will become more and more important
Orchid charcoal is a new energy, also defined as clean energy by the government, but new things are always questioned, and shortcomings will be multiplied by the speed of light transmission.
Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong provinces have introduced subsidies to encourage people to use it more actively and to accept new things more quickly. The Ministry of Environmental Protection also issued the Technical Guide for Comprehensive Treatment of Civil Coal Pollution Combustion (Trial)
There is a great demand for coal in the countryside. But occupied the main position in the coal burning heating or some loose coal, coal powder combustion can have a lot of black smoke, and in the raw coal after low temperature carbonization, pyrolysis, excluding the (coal tar and gas), the element of air pollution, and the rest part is called LAN charcoal, this part of the low sulfur, low phosphorus, low ash content, the combustion process is smokeless tasteless. According to last year's national orchid orchid charcoal in civil sales, after hebei, Shandong, northeast and other areas of the trial, the combustion effect is ideal
More popular some semicoke knowledge, let the common people understand the use of orchid charcoal and coal. Most people are wrong to assume that the grander the fuel, the better. According to the particle size of blue carbon, the smaller the particle size, the more full combustion, the higher the utilization rate. On the other hand, according to the use of civil orchid charcoal, ordinary heating furnace is suitable for aniseed (35-80mm), and orchid charcoal special furnace is suitable for small material (6-18mm). Orchid charcoal ignition point is high, difficult to ignite, but this does not mean that orchid charcoal is not good to burn, you can use corn shaft, dry wood or dip in some diesel easy to fire and burn resistance to ignite. Learn to use orchid charcoal correctly, can effectively reduce heating costs.