What is the main bottleneck restricting the development of orchid charcoal

    2022-04-07 14:15:02

At present, the main bottleneck of restricting the development of semicoke : (1) dust emission of coal preparation, carbonization and coke screening section in the production process;  Purification section, tar ammonia water separation, tar tank area VOCs unorganized emissions, carbonization furnace top waste gas escape;  Orchid carbon organic wastewater pollution and so on.  ② Production operation is based on experience, extensive management and high labor intensity;  The quality control of coal in furnace is not strict, the quality of blue carbon products fluctuates greatly, and the application field is limited.  Carbonizing furnace heating system control is based on the experience of fire control, measurement and monitoring instruments are seriously inadequate, and there is a big gap between the requirements of the whole system automation control.

It is not only necessary to formulate the group standard of "Semicoke Clean Production", but also has the following significance:
 (1) The group standard can be used as one of the important basis for relevant government departments to improve the ability and level of orchid carbon governance, and is also an important support for orchid carbon enterprises to obtain competitiveness and lead the development, so it can boost the orchid carbon industry from output to high quality development.
 (2) the formulation of the standards of the group has an important role in releasing and stimulating the innovation vitality of orchid charcoal enterprises, so as to meet the constantly changing market demand of orchid charcoal and the constantly developing technical requirements.  Therefore, it can boost the transformation and upgrading of orchid carbon industry.
 (3) The group standard can coordinate the construction and development requirements of different regions of orchid charcoal project, so that the production of orchid charcoal industry to achieve clean production has a unified standard and basis.  Therefore, it can boost the green development of orchid carbon industry.
 (4) At present, China's orchid carbon industry is in the critical period of transformation from manufacturing to production and service. In the process of pursuing high-quality development of orchid carbon industry, this group standard can help orchid carbon enterprises to achieve standardization in management, service and information data.