The idea of high quality development of orchid charcoal industry

    2022-04-24 12:56:54

In the future, the main direction of the development of the carbon industry will be the park production, large-scale equipment, clean production, modernized management, and efficient utilization of the tail gas of the carbon. To yulin semicoke industry in the future high-quality development as an example, it is recommended to understand and plan from the following aspects.
1. Large-scale and park-oriented projects. By the strong financial strength, high management level of enterprises as the leading factor, the government's state-owned assets operating companies and private equity participation, make full use of many low high volatile bituminous coal, the advantage of high oil content, high level and high starting point to build around 10 10 million tons/year high level of low rank coal points for classification (carbon) base, each year about 100 million tons of low rank bituminous coal, To the greatest extent retained "Yulin Orchid charcoal" this distinctive landmark products. The existing lantan enterprises that are not up to the standard in energy consumption, environmental protection and safety will withdraw in 3-5 years, replacing more than 50 million tons of lantan capacity as the energy consumption and environmental capacity index of major projects, and the government will lead the new projects in the form of capacity shares.
The new project realizes the full utilization of raw coal in the factory. From 0-6mm pulverized coal, 6-30mm granular coal to 30-80mm lump coal, different pyrolysis methods are adopted, such as pyrolysis of pulverized coal in rotary kiln, rapid pyrolysis of pulverized coal in lift pipe or conveyor bed, pure (rich) oxygen redistillation of upright three-stage furnace, etc., to produce high-quality semi-coke, high-quality by-product gas and coal tar. According to the classification and quality utilization of 10 million tons of low-rank coal, it can produce 4 million tons of semi-coke above 6mm and 1.5 million tons of powder coke below 6mm every year. After gasification of the by-product gas and coke, 2.1 million tons of methanol, 350,000 tons of LNG and 800,000 tons of coal tar are produced annually. 2.1 million tons of methanol produces 700,000 tons of olefin, and the olefin continues to develop to the depth of materials. If 10 10 million tons of low-grade coal quality separation and utilization projects can be formed in Yulin, 40 million tons of block coke can be produced, 21 million tons of methanol can be turned into 3 million tons of olefin, 3.5 million tons of LNG can be produced, 8 million tons of coal tar can be produced and naphthyl oil, special oil products and fine chemicals can be formed. The output value of the whole industry chain will reach more than 120 billion yuan.
2. Build green factories and reshape the image of the industry. By the tripod engineering company, hua lu engineering companies, such as the rings engineering design experience in coal chemical industry and coking rich class a petrochemical design unit in engineering design, the "land intensive, raw materials, clean production, solid waste resource utilization and innocuity can use low carbon" green plant five big idea reflected in the design. Transportation from raw coal to coke is carried by railway, storage is in the form of silo and underground belt corridor, and "no coal with coal, no coke with coke" is realized in the factory. Adopt large-scale and modern production equipment to greatly reduce emissions and leakage points; Every thousand ton coal quality, and the use of (carbon) project construction of a 200 m after/h phenol ammonia wastewater treatment plant, the steamed ammonia, removing phenol, biochemical and depth of the reverse osmosis treatment methods such as standard of wastewater reuse, and recycling coal tar every year 10000 tons, 10000 tons of crude phenol tons and 10000 tons of liquid ammonia, implement carbon phenol ammonia wastewater resource utilization. Coal slime and coal gangue are used as fuel for boiler, and boiler ash and slag are used as new green building materials. Distributed pv is laid on all roofs, factories and coal sheds. It is estimated that the distributed PV capacity of each 10 million tons project is about 100MW, generating 150 million KWH of electricity annually, and realizing low carbonization of energy consumption.
3, form a unified purchase and marketing, to avoid vicious competition. Ton semi-coke (LAN charcoal) net profit to maintain in 200-400 yuan, 10 million tons of grade coal quality utilization (LAN charcoal) factory annual semi-coke profit of 1 billion yuan or more, chemical profit of 1 billion yuan or so, the total net profit to maintain in 2 billion yuan or more. Only in this way, can the high standard construction, high level of operation play a financial guarantee role. Based on the production cost of ranchar and the price of coke as a reference (as of May 2021, the price of coke was 2.5 times that of ranchar), it is entirely possible to achieve the above profit target. At present, shenmu alone has about 50 orchid charcoal production and operation enterprises, and the average sales volume of orchid charcoal in a single factory is about 500,000 tons. Scattered raw coal procurement and product sales cannot form the right to speak in the market, resulting in the embarrassing situation of high raw material purchase price, low product sales price, and inverted profit and cost. 10 10 million ton projects purchase 100 million tons of raw coal every year, and sell more than 40 million tons of semi-coke (except about 15 million tons of coke powder for self-use). Take the lead of the industry association, form a unified procurement and sales platform, improve bargaining power and break the bad situation of vicious competition.
4. Set up lantan Industrial Technology Research Institute to study and solve the industry development dilemma. Yulin area, as the national orchid carbon output of more than 60%, should make its own contribution to the healthy development of orchid carbon industry. At present, the two major problems plaguing the LAN carbon industry are: one is the weak technical force of the industry; Second, the low level of industry profitability, resulting in environmental protection, safety and intelligent debt more. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment's 2021 comprehensive List of Environmental Protection listed blue charcoal in the GHW high pollution products list, expressing the government and society's concern about the development prospects of blue charcoal industry. The establishment of lantan Industrial Technology Research Institute, which is led by the government and shared by enterprises, can make full use of the strength of colleges and universities, research institutes, engineering design companies and Yulin modern coal chemical enterprises to solve the technical bottleneck and development problems faced by lantan industry. To yulin area all LAN charcoal enterprises collective to create "green factory" as the goal, in clean production and intelligent plant, photovoltaic green electricity, waste water, waste gas and solid waste resource utilization and other aspects of the increase of research.  At the same time, it also carried out research on the modern enterprise management of lantan industry, aiming at lean production and excellent petrochemical enterprises as the target to quickly improve the management level of the whole industry. In short, the establishment of lantan industrial technology research Institute as soon as possible to solve industrial problems, planning the development of the industry has a significant impact and far-reaching significance.