What is the consumption market of orchid charcoal?

    2022-04-29 14:46:24

1. Application of calcium carbide and ferroalloy in traditional market. In 2019, China produced about 32 million tons of calcium carbide and 35 million tons of ferroalloy, and consumed more than 40 million tons of carbon annually. At present, these two areas have excess capacity and are affected by the dual control of energy consumption. It is predicted that their capacity will gradually shrink at the rate of 5% per year, and the related consumption of orchid charcoal will also decline accordingly.
2, boiler fuel replacement and coke gasification applications. At present, hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, power station boiler and gasifier actively use orchid charcoal as the source and fuel. This is mainly because orchid charcoal as raw fuel can "not make the statistics of the original coal consumption index", to meet the requirements of the coal consumption reduction policy, but is such an alternative strategy expedient or long-term road? It is necessary to further observe the trend of national energy consumption policy. In addition, the Ministry of Environmental Protection listed blue charcoal in GHW high pollution products list [3] in the 2021 edition of the Comprehensive List of Environmental Protection, and the use of blue charcoal as a clean fuel will be greatly restricted.
3, with the current scale of crude steel in China, even if the coke powder spraying proportion of steel industry is only 6%, the coke powder consumption will reach more than 40 million tons a year. At present, some orchid charcoal enterprises have joined hands with large iron and steel enterprises, the proportion of blast furnace injection to 10%, if this technology can be promoted, the annual need of orchid charcoal coke powder will be more than 70 million tons, completely change the supply and demand pattern of orchid charcoal market. More importantly, because coke powder is made of cheap end coal dry distillation, the cost is 20% lower than lump coal, will bring more considerable economic benefits to LAN charcoal enterprises.
4. Civil market. Due to the demarcation of coal forbidden area, orchid charcoal is mainly used in urban and rural areas below the county level, with limited and seasonal use. From the current level of development, the civil market should be growing, and there is a period of stability. Compared with bituminous coal combustion, coal combustion produces less pollution, but the price of coal is much higher than bituminous coal and its use cost is high, which requires moderate subsidies from the government. The use of charcoal as a clean fuel in rural areas will be affected by the inclusion of charcoal in GHW's high pollution products list in the 2021 Edition of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment's Comprehensive List of Environmental Protection.
In general, the carbon consumption market depends on two factors: one is the high quality development of the carbon industry itself, clean production, in order to completely withdraw from GHW high pollution products list, so as to actively expand the industrial fuel and raw material replacement and civil fuel market. Two is the traditional LAN carbon consumption market calcium carbide, ferroalloy and other industries can remain relatively stable, or maintain the expected decay rate? Three is the iron and steel industry anthracite, coke powder replacement and other new areas of consumption can smooth progress?