Semicoke with Internet +

    2022-07-07 15:01:57

Orchid charcoal, also known as semi-coke, is a solid by-product in the process of coal gas and coal tar, the yield of about 50% to 70% of the raw coal, is mainly used in calcium carbide, chemical fertilizer, chemical industry and other fields in the form of synthetic agent, reducing agent. In recent years, with the continuous increase of orchid carbon production capacity, the traditional industry demand is limited, its utilization problem is increasingly prominent.
At present, the production capacity and output of Lancharcoal in Shenmu City of Shaanxi Province account for more than 60% of the domestic market, and the market has expanded to Southeast Asia and other regions, becoming a "golden name card" of China's "pollution control, haze reduction and blue sky protection". On November 7, shenwood "Orchid carbon Union" industry Internet platform launch conference was held, aiming to help orchid carbon technology progress and lead the green development of orchid carbon industry through policy discussion and technical exchanges.
According to the introduction, the platform aims to promote the close cooperation of upstream and downstream enterprises, expand the Domestic and foreign sales of Shenmulan charcoal market, build a new development pattern of domestic and international double circulation as the main body. We will create a new model of regional economy featuring integrated, innovative development of industries and cities through new forms of digital economy such as the industrial Internet.
"In recent years, Shenmulan carbon industry adhere to high-end, clean, circular development direction, take the initiative to adapt to the requirements of high-quality economic development, actively docking the national environmental protection industry policy system, vigorously promote process innovation and equipment upgrading, in the clean energy alternative widely favored by the market." Li Shishu, deputy Secretary of Shenmu Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Shenmu, said in his speech that the introduction of zhejiang Lanyuan Capital top-level design, to promote the upstream and downstream development of Lancharcoal industry chain, to create a platform economy for supply-side structural reform of Lancharcoal industry chain, is an important measure of Shenmu Municipal Party Committee and government to promote industrial digital transformation.
It is understood that LAN Carbon union is the industrial Internet digital economy platform of LAN carbon industry, guided by shenmu city government policy, lanyuan capital top-level design and joint shenmu LAN carbon leading enterprises jointly launched. Its core concept is "leading, multi-party participation, group development", relying on the Internet platform, the use of big data means, with "LAN Charcoal industry + industrial Internet + financial capital + talent capitalization + policy tools" unique approach, It focuses on solving common problems that are difficult to be solved by single Lantan enterprises, such as difficult raw material procurement, difficult sales, difficult financing, difficult technology upgrading, difficult R&D and innovation, and difficult environmental protection landing. It explores the integration path of digital economy and regional economy, digital economy and traditional industry, and promotes the overall transformation and upgrading of Lantan industry.