Problems and suggestions on the development of semicoke industry

    2022-08-02 12:48:44

Semicoke industry after nearly 40 years development, now has formed a relatively complete industrial system, and developed the "coal - LAN charcoal - power", "coal - blue carbon - ammonia - producyion", "coal - LAN charcoal - metal magnesium integration" five industrial chain, to promote the yulin built the world's largest important calcium carbide - alkali metal magnesium production base, the domestic production base. With the continuous development in recent years, the blue carbon industry has become an important pillar industry in the economic development of Shenmu City. However, problems such as improper supervision and management, prominent three waste problems, and low-end production technology in the development process have gradually become a difficult problem restricting the development and progress of enterprises. Some suggestions are put forward to solve the problems of the blue carbon industry:
(1) Standardize the management of all links and strictly comply with the requirements of green production
The person in charge of the enterprise should make clear that the development of the blue carbon industry should stand in a higher position, look at the problem from a long-term perspective, and make clear the importance and urgency of the standardized management of the blue carbon industry. In the new situation, the blue carbon industry must be in accordance with the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction, green and low carbon, from the industrial layout, project supporting, technical level, safety and environmental protection and other aspects of how to regulate the development of blue carbon production.
In the fourth quarter of 2021 LAN charcoal enterprises to follow the national green development request, the new "big" coal furnace, using new type stoves, makes the green development index increase obviously, but failed to continue to break through the green development index in the first half of 2022, so next, coal enterprises should insist on more to green development in the first place, to the national standard, Establish a standardized, scientific management system, in accordance with the law and eliminate backward production capacity, according to regulation of the rectification LAN charcoal device design, in the process of charcoal production and processing cengcengbaguan, irregularities in the process of production, timely report the corrective adjustment group, put an end to happen the pollution from the source, achieve nirvana reborn carbon industry.
(2) Avoid waste of resources and develop recycling
Semicoke production process will produce a large amount of exhaust gas, each producing one ton of carbon will produce exhaust 700 cubic meters, more than $1700-2000 kcal heat from exhaust gas containing carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, oxygen and so on, put a few blue carbon enterprise will exhaust, most of the coal gas is only used for burning power generation, and calcined to use, a waste of resources with high quality. In the first half of this year, the green development index first fell and then rose, which was slightly lower than that in the fourth quarter of last year. In order to avoid this problem, enterprises should take negative and zero carbon as the goal, and focus on developing deep processing of pyrolysis gas to produce hydrogen energy, ammonia fuel, and recycling carbon dioxide to produce green and low-carbon methanol and ethylene glycol. Advance layout of coke reduction carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and downstream organic carbon technology demonstration, promote clean production of blue carbon industry, realize circular economy.
(3) In-depth technological research to lead industrial development and upgrading
The coal industry should comply with the policy of "national overall planning, conservation priority, two-wheel drive, internal and external smooth, and risk prevention", speed up the engineering demonstration pace of million ton pulverized coal pyrolysis technology, and continue to carry out in-depth research on the basic theory of coal pyrolysis and block coal pyrolysis technology. To provide suggestions and theoretical basis for the industrial operation optimization of the existing equipment, we have solved the multi-scale pyrolysis research centering on the uniform heat conduction of the internal heat vertical furnace and the coal pyrolysis technology based on the quality of gaolan carbon. At the same time, enterprises should take the initiative as the head, give play to the role of leading demonstration, from LAN charcoal production material flow, energy flow in the system as a whole to consider, to carry out the short process full carbon wastewater treatment technology demonstration, construction with charcoal production energy conservation and emissions reduction technology integration application demonstration projects, in order to improve coal clean utilization level, for carbon industry upgrading and promote high quality development.