Smelting application of semicoke

    2022-08-29 12:08:53

Smelting: steel sintering, blowing, iron, silicon manganese alloy, casting - smelting steel slag, lime.
Blue charcoal as blast furnace injection fuel is a comprehensive utilization of products. According to our coking experts put forward the suggestion in the blast furnace injection should consider blue charcoal grinding, we supply blast furnace injection blue charcoal for ball spore and caulower shape, such blue carbon porous and thin wall, brittle, fragile, thus grinding coefficient is large; Second is explosive, according to the requirements of blast furnace injection fuel should be non-explosive, we supply the injection of blue charcoal in use almost no return flame, is non-explosive safe injection fuel; In ferroalloy smelting, people have been relying on metallurgical coke, but the price of metallurgical coke is higher and higher and the production process of environmental pollution accounts for about 70% of the whole smelting process, and blue carbon price has obvious advantages and small impact on the environment; Secondly, the special blue carbon used for ferroalloy smelting has high reactivity, which is particularly important to reduce the energy consumption of the reaction; Finally, many coking experts put forward professional suggestions on the smelting of blue charcoal. Our blue charcoal can not only be used for blast furnace smelting but also fully meet the requirements of electric furnace smelting.