Comparative study on pollutant emission of semi-coke and different coals

    2022-11-08 13:18:45

Abstract : In this work, The contents of ash, volatile matter, fixed carbon, sulfur their forms, calorific value of bituminous  coal, anthracite and semi-coke were analyzed. The emissions of , particulate carbon, , , NO, and other major  pollutants, as well as emission factors and on-site smoke exhaust were measured outdoors when different stoves burned different kinds  of coal. The results showed that the volatile content of semi-coke from Shenmu bituminous coal decreased from 30% to 8% after low  temperature redistillation, and the sulfur and nitrogen contents and particulate matter emissions were also reduced; The stove that  same coal uses is different test result also is different, the discharge of pollutant such as particulate matter, harmful gas of orchid  charcoal and anthracite is close, all be far below bituminous coal. The comparative study also shows that the substitution of coal and  briquette for raw coal can not only promote the rapid development of coal industry and efficient utilization of bituminous coal, but also  effectively solve the environmental pollution problems such as haze and air quality.